Developmental Participants

The DabinGroup –Established in 1996 in Erbil, Iraq and has grown to become one of the leading holding companies in their region with accumulated experience in a diverse array of fields ranging from construction, hotels, manufacturing, retail distribution to information technology. Among others, they are directly responsible for the successful completion of the Sheraton Hotel, Duhok Executive Apartments and the Ibrahim Khaled Complex.

BC Group of Companies –Established in 2002 in Iraq, BC Group has completed more than 600,000sqm of building space and have become one of the leading high rise companies in the structural industry.

American Kurdistan Life Center (AKLC) –Presently communicating and negotiating with various partners and hospitals to be added to the team

American Intercontinental Hospital Group( ) –AIHG leaders bring over 120 years of knowledge in healthcare facility development and management, with experience in over 40 countries worldwide. AIHG leaders have an extensive background in hospitals, ambulatory facilities, physician entities, and the development of financial structures to finance and operate healthcare facilities.

U.S. Council on Global Development* (USCGD) --manages and focuses on projects creating economic engines contributing to stability and prosperity. Consulting and creating revenue streams through funding agencies and private equity.

Iraqi Business Solutions International (IBSI) –Iraqi Business Solutions International is an international consultant group that develops investment opportunities in Kurdistan with a parallel expertise in energy.

* Communicating with various other entities in finance and government sectors.

General Electric Healthcare


  • GE Healthcare is a division of General Electric Company.
  • It is the global leading maker of diagnostic imaging equipment, such as MRI and ultrasound scanners.
  • GE Healthcare currently employs 46,000 people in more than 100 countries.

Key Roles in the Project

1)Evaluate the business plan and financial model prepared by KMC.
2)Supply of medical and diagnostic equipment and services.
3)Assist in the equipment and design execution.
4)Assist in identifying and closing the deal with the Project’s operator.
5)Support Firmamedica to gain access to GE Sales & Project Finance to benefit from a wide range of financing solutions and advisory services.

To arrange a presentation or to request an executive summary please contact the American Kurdistan Life Center LLC via our contact page.