American Kurdistan Life Center

Project Overview

The American Kurdistan Life Center will consist of four(4) components:

  • A General Hospital
  • Five(5) Commercial Buildings
  • Six (6) Specialized Hospitals
  • A Medical School

The AKLC will be designed and constructed in four consecutive phases as a high end medical complex primarily serving the populations of Kurdistan and Iraq. Investors will reap their returns from a. the operations of the entire complex and or b. the sale of individual components of the complex.

Logistical Data

AKLC parcel indicated by the red star in the adjacent photo.
Distance from major airport–5km
Distance from downtown Arbil-8km
Estimated land value at completion $217M-US or, $2,000/sqm-US*.

Land Allocation:

General Hospital-33%-Plot 35,869sqm -44,058 BUA
Commercial-26%-Plot 28.033sqm –157,092 BUA
Specialized Hospitals-29%-31,795sqm –67,981 BUA
Medical School-12%-12,667sqm –28,368 BUA
AKLC Total Area –108,363sqm –297,499 BUA

(*The land parcel’s market value of $2,000/sqm-US [$1,483-$2,872/sqm-US] based on seven comparable real estate developments)


The General Hospital

The General Hospital will be a world class medical facility and the inaugural phase of the development and will offer citizens and residents of Erbil, and Iraq as a whole, unparalleled access to a prestigious, world class medical facility within a safe area in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

The General Hospital will have 250 beds available for those requiring medical care on any of the four floor levels with patient rooms being allocated as follows:

  • Suites = 9
  • 1 Bed Private Room = 87
  • 2 Bed Common Rooms = 88
  • Coronary Care Unit (CCU) = 13
  • Intensive Care unit (ICU) = 13
  • Surgical Intensive Care Unit = 10
  • Oncology and Cancer Treatment = 30

Estimated cost for the construction of the General Hospital is $123.6M-US for a total BUA of 44,058sqm, or $2,805.00sqm-US. It is anticipated that the duration of the construction of the General Hospital will be a period of +/-three years from the date of funds closing and dispersal.

The General Hospital: Front Facade

The General Hospital: Patio

The General Hospital, circled in yellow above, will constitute the first in a series of phases aiming to build the Kurdistan Medical City.

Commercial Towers

The second phase will be to construct the five Commercial Towers arm of the AKLC development offering such amenities and necessities as:

  1. Retail shopping, hair and nail salons, treatment centers, and others
  2. Storefront spaces at ground level with banks, pharmacies, insurance agencies
  3. Internal ground level restaurants and coffee shops, branded eateries
  4. Medium to long stay residential
  5. Leasable office space

The Commercial Towers will be more defined individually or as a pair, namely:

Towers 1 and 2: Outpatient Clinics, Private Medical Practices

Tower 3: Furnished Apartments for hospital patients and their families

Towers 4 and 5: Professional and Corporate Office Space

The construction of these five Commercial Towers has been estimated at $173M-US with a BUA of 157,092sqm, or $1,100.00/sqm-US. Duration of construction is anticipated at +/-four years with a potential

start date in year three of the General Hospital, Phase 1.

Specialized Hospitals (6)

The third phase will be to construct the six Specialized Hospitals that will have the ability to medically treat patients in the fields of Neuroscience –Psychiatry -Oncology and Radiological Treatment –Orthopedics –Pediatrics -Optical and Ocular Treatment. A total of 420 patient beds will be available to those needing care. The available bed count is broken into their respective field(s) of treatment as such:

  • Neuroscience –60
  • Psychiatry –100
  • Oncology –60
  • Orthopedics –50
  • Pediatric –100
  • Optical and Ocular –50

Construction costs are estimated to be $151M-US with a finished BUA of 67,981sqm, or $2,221.00/sqm-US . The duration of construction is anticipated at +/-four years starting in the third year of Phase 2-Commercial Towers.

Specialized Hospitals: Street View 

Specialized Hospitals: Parking View 

The Specialized Hospitals, circled in yellow above, will constitute the second component of the Kurdistan Medical City.

Medical School

The Medical School will be the fourth phase of the AKLC development. It will be affiliated with the top tier of international medical universities and will provide education in General Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Ophthalmology, and Hospital Management. It will award such degrees as:

  • Doctorate in Medicine (MD)
  • Bachelor of Medicine
  • Bachelor of Surgery (BMBS, MBBS, MBChB)

Construction costs to build the Medical School are estimated at $40M-US with a BUA of 28,368sqm, or $1,042.00/sqm-US. The Medical School’s construction is anticipated at +/-four years and starting in the third year of construction of the Specialized Hospitals. The completion of the Medical School will mark the end of the construction phase of the American Kurdistan Life Center.

The Medical School, circled in yellow above, will constitute the third component of the Kurdistan Medical City.

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